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Obtaining Cases from Harvard Business Publishing

The Harvard Business Publishing website of case studies is not open to students. They cannot see full-text of cases although they can search for cases. (They could buy cases if they wanted to, but that defeats the purpose of the license.)

You, as a faculty member, may identify cases and receive links to these cases to post on your Canvas.

Step 1: set up your educator premium account (instructions below)

Step 2: order the case(s) (link to order form to the left or below)


1. Go to the Harvard Business Publishing website

2. Click REGISTER NOW (red link)

3. Go to Educator Premium section. Fill out information. Also email library representative Marynelle Chew ( with your user name for verification purposes—required by Harvard Business Publishing.

4. You will receive a confirmation email from John Savage, our publisher representative, that your account is now active.


1. Search for cases. When you find one you’d like to use, you will need to fill out an order form. [Order Form for Faculty Email the order form to Marynelle Chew (

2. You will receive an email no later than 48 hours or 2 working days with a link that you may post on your Canvas account for student use.


Electronic copies, case studies and video clips are available at no additional charge. This includes online courses and simulations. Tangible products, such as books, CDs, etc., are not free and will incur an additional charge.

The case studies on the searchable HBSP web site are for review purposes only and should not be linked to in Canvas or printed out. They bear a watermark that says “Do not copy or post.” The URLs received for case studies via email will bear no such watermark.

For further questions, please contact Marynelle Chew at 808-675-3863