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Ke Alikai

Lua Letters lighten up lavatory mood

Written by Kyle Howard ~ Staff Writer 
Tuesday, 08 December 2009

Whether students really want to read them or not, many find themselves reading the BYU-Hawaii Lua Letters. 

These are the newsletters posted from time to time behind the bathroom stall doors for students to read while occupying the facilities. They include holiday facts, inspirational quotes, and sometimes games. They are crafted by Kathlyn Dearden.

Jonathan Remington, a senior in accounting from California, who an anonymous student called the “Lua Letter Guru,” was found in the men’s facilities discussing the puzzles and games with another male. “I find myself distracted sometimes more than I should,” Remington said. “They always have such interesting facts and games that keep you entertained.”

Kallee McBride, a junior in elementary education from California, shared that there are Luau Letters located in the female bathrooms, but she doesn’t spend the amount of time in the stall needed to read all of them. However, she did say that when she actually reads them she likes them “because of the fun facts, and after I read them I like to recite them to my friends,” she said. “I used to read them more when I was living in the Hales.” After talking so much about them, McBride walked off and said, “I want to go read one right now.”

Most students described the Lua Letters as “something to read when you’re sitting on the toilet.” Chad Johnson, sophomore in IBM from Oregon, was one of these students, but added, “I remember one that discussed the awareness of breast cancer because it was the same day I found out my mom had breast cancer,” referring to his most memorable Lua Letter.

Other students had no knowledge of the Lua Letters, like Cameron Rondo, senior in IBM from California, who said, “I don’t use the school stalls; I go home before I’d do that.” –Photo by Aissa Mitton