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Handling of Library Books: Home

Properly Removing a Library Book from the Shelf

Removing a library book from the shelf is one way books can get damaged. Watch this video from SIU Morris Library on how to properly remove a library book from the shelves.

What Can You Do To Help Preserve Library Books?

This LibGuide provide information and examples of why it is important to handle library materials with care.

This is your library and these are your resources. Damage to library materials will affect availability and access to these resources which in return will affect your education. Preservation of library materials is expensive. Proper care and handling of library materials will help save university and library money.

Help Us Protect Our Library Materials. 

YOU CAN DO IT! Preservation at Your Library

Do Not Reshelve Books

Please Do Not reshelve books. Leave books on the orange shelves for the library staff to put back. Mahalo!